Hisapic Realtor

Hot and sweaty from yard work, Ralph answered the phone on the fifth ring. His realtor, Midge, said that she had a hot property for him to look at, if he could do it today. The timing was bad. She was leaving town, and then he was leaving town. Ralph was afraid he would lose out if he wasted time. Midge got another realtor, Juanita, to show him the house, but only if he could leave immediately, sweaty clothes and all. Ralph agreed.

The drive went quickly; Ralph imagined all sorts of wonderful things about the house and lost himself in fantasy until he was almost there. When he pulled up the drive, there was a brand new Monte Carlo in the driveway and a woman leaning against the fender. The sun behind her, he saw her first in relief and her figure was striking. She wore a short, tight fitting dress, spike heeled shoes, and was well endowed both in her bosom and her butt. When he got out of the car she sauntered toward him.

“I’m Juanita,” she said offering her hand.

“Ralph,” he said as they shook. He couldn’t help but notice her bright smile and the play of her copper lipstick against her olive colored skin. Her long dark hair was streaked with blonde highlights.

“Follow me.”

Ralph was oblivious to the view that the house offered, the well kept lawn and bushes because he was watching Juanita’s plump rump wiggle and jiggle as he followed her up the walk and into the house. By the time the reached the front door, he was salivating, barely able to keep from sticking his hand under her dress and grabbing her ass. His loose shorts had a prominent tight spot in the crotch.

She turned around and it was clear by the look on her face that she saw the effect that she was having on him. Juanita smiled. “Why don’t we start with the upper floor. I’m sure that you’ll like it; it has a lot to offer.”

Ralph followed her up the stairs. His head bobbing and swaying in time with her hips. Each ass cheek was round and well defined. From behind, it seemed like she stuck her butt out so that it was only inches from his face, daring him to nibble. Temptation won; he allowed his cheek to brush her ass. Without apologizing for the contact, he waited for her to comment; Juanita said nothing. On her next left step, he pushed his face a little harder against her soft warm ass; again she said nothing. His engorged cockhead rubbed against the inside of his shorts; the rough cotton made him even harder. For each of the four left steps she made, he continued to rub his cheek against her ass. Ralph couldn’t focus on the quality of the stairs or the newness of the carpet. Ralph imagined what it would be like to have her stop and pull up the bottom of her dress so that he could run his face against her bare skin and give her cushy butt a little nibble.

At the top of the stairs, she suddenly stopped, and he bumped his face against her ass. She reached down, gently placed her hand on the side of his face, and stroked his cheek. “Why don’t we start with the master bedroom? I have a feeling that we won’t get much else done until we see it.” She led him down a short hall into a bedroom that was one-third the width of the house and ran from front to back. There was a sitting area with a chaise lounge and table and books, a work area with a desk, and a laptop computer. There was even room for a king size bed and several large traditional pieces of bedroom furniture.

“This is huge,” Ralph said.

Juanita stood next to him and ran her nails up the side of his bare thigh. “Not as huge as I’m going to make you,” she whispered.

Ralph swallowed hard and followed closely as she strutted toward the back of the bedroom and the entrance to the master bath. Inside, he was blown away. The shower was an enormous clear glass affair.

“Look,” she said, pointing to the orchards on the hill below the house. “You even have a view while you’re taking a shower.” Juanita sidled up close to him, ran her hand over his ass, and said, “You look like you might just need to try out that shower before you buy the house.”

“That’s a great idea.”

Juanita pulled his shirt from his pants and let him take it off while she undid his shorts, letting them drop around his ankles. She ran her fingertips over his cock and balls and ass making him moan with pleasure. She stood up, kissed him hard on the mouth and opened the shower door. He stepped in and turned on the water, quickly shampooing. He wasn’t sure exactly what she had in mind, but he wanted to get his flesh all over her naked brown body. He closed his eyes and rinsed the soap from his hair. Looking at the floor, he opened his eyes and saw Juanita’s bare brown feet, carefully painted toenails, and sexy gold toe ring pointed towards him. Slowly, he lifted his eyes, drinking in every inch of her sensuous flesh. Her thighs were meaty and her pussy shaven into a careful stripe. Her tan lines were prominent, showing that she wore the smallest of thong bottoms and a top that barely covered her big dark nipples.

Ralph’s cock throbbed so hard that his balls ached. He slipped his hand around her ass and then upwards into the small of her back where he easily pulled her closer. “You were right about the view from inside the shower,” he said looking into her deep brown eyes. He pressed his hard, wet cock against her thigh and hugged her so that her full body was pressed against his. He kissed her neck, just below the ear, swirling with his tongue. She squirmed in his embrace and reached for his cock. She was gentle yet firm; clearly, she was a student of handling a man’s member.

He moved his mouth from her neck to her ample bosom where he gently sucked one nipple. Juanita moaned; Ralph reached around with one hand and massaged her pussy. Her clit came alive, and she wiggled her hips under his touch. He played with her dark pussy lips then easily slipped a finger into her tight cunt. Juanita changed from rotating her hips to rocking back and forth on his finger. Not sure what to do, he continued sucking her nipple and finger fucking her. He felt her body quiver and shake as she had an orgasm, after which she slowly pulled his hand out of her cunt and disconnected his mouth from her nipple.

Juanita went down like a sinking ship. She dropped into a squatting position, and holding his leg for balance, she sucked his cock into her mouth like it was her favorite ice cream and about to melt. She sucked hard and cupped then fondled his balls. Ralph couldn’t believe that he was supposed to be looking that this house to purchase and that he was standing in the shower getting a hummer from the real estate agent! Juanita stood up and kissed him hard on the lips. She got a large dollop of liquid soap from a bottle and rubbed it into her ass crack as she turned to face the wall. Wordlessly, she grabbed his dick and pressed it into the soapy ravine between her ass cheeks.

He gave a little push, sliding his dick up. It felt good, until she clenched her ass around his cock and then it felt great. He put his forearms around her midriff, one hand reaching up for her breast, the other reaching down for her pussy. He pressed his groin and hips into her plush ass and pumped. He really wanted to fuck her, but he didn’t want to ruin what he had, so he kept his mouth shut and took whatever she was willing to give.

Juanita reached around, grabbed his shaft, and pointed the bulging head of his cock at her asshole. She arched her back and slowly guided his raging head into her ass. It was tight, but she relaxed and the soap made it slick. Once his cockhead was in her ass, he carefully fed the rest of his hot hard meat into her tight waiting ass. Juanita groaned with pleasure as she pushed back slipping him deeper and deeper inside. With his cock embedded in her ass, he pressed his belly against her back, wrapped his arms around her and played with her nipples. She reached between her legs and tickled his balls as he pumped her ass. Her asshole was tight around the base of his cock; he knew he was going to cum hard, fast, and in her ass. He quickened the pace of his pumping, urged on by Juanita’s moans. Finally he felt the singe of hot cum ripping through his shaft. He stopped, she pumped, and it felt like her ass was pulling the last bit of cum out of his cock as he carefully withdrew.

Juanita turned around and soaped his dick, cleaning him off. She kissed him on the lips and said, “Well, there’s a lot more house to see. We might even have to come back tomorrow.”

Her Dharma Bum

Aashka was working late again. It was well after midnight. Her programming project was buggy and bumping up against a deadline. It was beginning to seem that every solution generated two new problems. She wished this thing was over and done with. Just about every night and weekend for the past three months had been spent struggling with this project. Aashka was healthy young woman with strong needs. Back home in New Delhi, she was considered beautiful and, even here in the United States, her dark beauty, slender body and sparkling eyes turned heads. There was little doubt that she could find a man to sleep with her and bring feelings of satisfaction to her yoni but she had no time for social activities at the present time. The project needed to be brought to completion and she was stuck for answers.

Swallowing her pride, she headed for Clay’s office. She knew Clay would be there, even if there were nobody else left on the floor. It seemed to her that the pale redhead man lived in his office.

Though Clay was only twenty-three, he was unarguably the firm’s alpha geek. The tall redhead wrote elegant code and was responsible for several major contributions to the last release of Linux. He was a force to be reckoned with in the world of computers but was known to be shy and somewhat reclusive. Clay had no sex life. His only previous sexual experiences had been with his right, and sometimes his left, hand. Though he was fluent in many programming languages, he found it almost impossible to speak with women. When Aashka appeared in his doorway, he felt the familiar surges of frustrated lust but tried to push them aside. Her white blouse was stretched across her well-rounded chest, her short, flowing skirt complimented her round hips and sexy dark brown legs. There was no way he was ever going to be able to score with a sleek, beautiful woman like her. She probably had men standing in line to touch her full, round breasts and smooth brown patchouli scented skin. Clay imagined she probably had her strong, shapely dark legs wrapped around the man of her choosing every night. It’s funny how a man who knew so much could know so little.

Clay looked over her printouts and then inserted the CD she’d brought with her into his disk drive. Aashka thought he looked comfortable in his tee shirt and old gym shorts and wished she could dress so casual. He was intensely staring at the computer monitor, rapidly scrolling through her code and occasionally muttering to himself. She thought he looked cute with his tousled, curly red hair and light freckles. From the look of his pale skin, she wondered when was the last time he’d been out in the sun. The sudden sound of his voice broke through the fog of her musings.

“Could you grab my tarantula folder for me?” he asked.

“Tarantula folder?”

“Yeah,” he laughed. Aashka thought it was a friendly, pleasant laugh. “It’s in the cabinet over there. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. It’s my collection of notes on big, hairy problems. It’s probably in the bottom drawer.”

Clay marveled at the sweet roundness of her rear end as she bent to search for the folder. Just the sight of her sexy body was making him hard.

“I don’t see anything marked tarantula here,” she said.

Clay got up to help. He stood behind her looking over her shoulder. Distracted by her silky black hair he moved a step too close. His crotch bumped up against her curvaceous butt, pressing his erect dick up against the crack of her ass.

He quickly stumbled backwards with profuse, stuttering apologies.

Aashka smiled and looked over her shoulder at the blushing man-child. Her own horniness had been wreaking havoc with her concentration recently.

“Your lingham is hard with lust,” she said with a little giggle.

“Yeah, I…um…oh!” Clay’s feeble reply was cut short by the sight of Aashka dropping her black panties and lifting her skirt to reveal her lovely brown ass and dark haired pussy. He saw her fingers reach down and begin rubbing between her legs.

“My yoni has deep yearnings, it is wet with lust. Could you perhaps be so kind as to help me with this additional problem?”

Clay was afraid that if he said a word he was going to wake from this dream. He quickly stepped out of his gym shorts and briefs. His erection stood straight out from his copper pubes as he shakily moved toward her beautiful raised brown posterior. She reached behind her back and grabbed his hard pink cock with her tender brown hand. She guided it between her spread legs until he could feel the moist warmth of her slit. Her body shifted a bit and then she placed his rock solid dick inside her. Clay couldn’t believe how hot and tight her pussy felt. His hips pushed forward and Aashka let out a long moan while he buried himself deep within her hot, humid depths. Her cunt muscles clenched around his shaft, somehow she was massaging his dick with her pussy. Though he wanted to fuck her fast and hard, Clay just stood there a moment, drowning in the swirling sensations her grasping, clutching, slick cunt muscles were sending through his cock and balls. It felt like time stood still and Clay never wanted it to start again. He wanted to die in the heat of her flaming, fantastic pussy.

Aashka began slowly moving, gently fucking him, her ass slowly rocking. He rubbed the silky brown flesh of her moving butt and began to slowly pump to her hypnotic, swaying beat of desire. Clay pushed up his tee shirt to feel her sweet smooth dark flesh against his. She ground her cunt against his cock a bit harder, a bit faster. He picked up on her fucking motions, sliding in and out of her cunt to the movements of the rotating, round ass that he held in his hands. Suddenly, he felt her fingers touch his plunging cock and then move up toward her hooded clit. With a deep groaning she began to rub her clit. Her ass was now thrusting against him and he started fucking her back as hard and fast as she was fucking him. It was now beyond all control. Their animalistic fucking buried their rational minds, driving them on in pounding, passionate fury. Their young nude torsos slapped together, the sounds echoing off the walls of the small office. What had started slow and gentle had become a sweat drenched, raw, lust driven race to orgasm accompanied by sub-human grunting and groaning. Clay’s breathing had become ragged, he felt like his heart was going to explode in his chest, he grabbed Aashka’s thrusting hips tight in both hands as their fast and furious final strokes drove them closer to meltdown. With one last powerful thrust, Clay’s cock drove deep into the hot, pulsating Indian pussy. His hips shook and twitched from the force of the cum tearing through him. Somewhere in the distance he heard Aashka’s desperate panting and long, loud moans. Her frantically, flashing fingers brought her over the top. Her rich brown flesh quivered with her orgasmic waves. Clay was grinning ear to ear.

Back in high school he’d written a paper on Kerouac’s “Dharma Bums”, little knowing that someday he would finally lose his virginity while riding the sweet curves of Aashka’s rippling dharma bum.

Habanero and Honey

Maria had tried to see her father’s lawyer at his office but the waiting room of the Legal Aid office was always teeming with people. Finally, she used some connections in the Mexican community to get his home address. She was surprised that he lived in a scruffy apartment building near his office. She thought all lawyers were rich. This discovery just made her angrier. Not only was her father being represented by a Yankee lawyer with too clients but he had drawn the poorest lawyer in America. This was going to be more work than she thought.

Lionel heard the knock and went to the peephole. Staring back at him was a young girl with a dark complexion and a pretty face. Her big brown eyes were slightly slanted. Her dark hair went down past her shoulders and was shiny and straight. This was certainly nobody he’d met at Yale Law School and he didn’t remember her as one of his clients. He handled a lot of cases but knew this was one face he’d have no trouble remembering. When he opened the door, he was even surer that he’d never met this woman. Her body was squeezed into a tight red dress that almost looked like it had been painted on. Her proud, light brown breasts looked like they were about to pop out of the dress and the short hem length just barely covered her curvaceous rear end. Her belly was slightly rounded, her short legs were shapely. If he’d somehow been able to forget her face he knew that he’d never, ever, forget her body.

She pushed past him without an introduction and began berating him about how her father was about to be deported, how her mother was worried sick, how he wasn’t doing his job. As she ranted and raved, Lionel struggled to figure out who her father was. He would have asked but, in her present temper, Maria wasn’t letting him get a word in. When she finally stopped to catch her breath, Lionel was able to figure out which case she was talking about. He assured her that her father had been a naturalized US citizen for two years and could not be deported. At most, he might have to pay a small fine for driving under the influence and attend a few classes. It was his first offense and, though he’d flunked the Breathalyzer, he was just a hair over the legal limit.

Maria’s mood did a quick one-eighty.

“Papa can stay in America? You can do this? You are a much better lawyer than I thought. I apologize for insulting you. Please forgive my angry words. I was not being fair. How can I ever make it up to you?”

Lionel tried to reassure her that he hadn’t taken any of it personally and that he could understand why she was upset. He said he admired how she was willing to fight for her father. He said she had spunk.

Maria wrapped her arms around his neck. Her soft, sweet body was pressing up against him. Her perfume smelled of exotic flowers. Her prominent pubic mound was grinding against his crotch, causing his dick to stiffen. He later told himself he’d tried to break her grasp but deep down inside, he knew that he hadn’t tried real hard.

“You are a great lawyer and live like a poor man. You do not steal from the people. You are a saint,” Maria said in a husky voice.

Lionel’s attempt to protest was cut off by her passionate kiss. He had been so long without a woman. He soon found himself returning the kiss with fervor. His hands drifted down to her marvelous butt. He was sure she wasn’t wearing any panties. The mere thought was enough to increase his horniness. When Maria’s hand moved down to rub his crotch he was so sexually excited that he feared he’d cum in his pants.

“Senor Lawyer, you are big and hard,” Maria said with a giggle. “It is not healthy for a man to become so excited and not get relief.”

She quickly stripped him from the waist down. Holding his throbbing erection firmly in her soft hand she guided him to the couch. Lionel sat down and Maria stroked his dick gently and ran her sweet lips along his neck, moving slowly up to his mouth as Lionel freed her lovely light brown breasts from the top of her tight dress. His hands worshipfully rubbed her dark brown nipples, marveling at their erect size. Maria’s deep kiss intensified, she was moaning from his gentle touch. Lionel was softly groaning from her gentle hand job. His lust for this beautiful young Mexican girl was becoming uncontrollable.

Maria stood up for a moment and pulled her dress up to her waist. Lionel got a quick glimpse of her dark bushy cunt before she lowered it on to him. Her pussy was tight. Its hot moisture enveloped his hardness. She was on his lap, her long black hair dangling in his face, her beautiful round coffee colored breasts bouncing right in front of his eyes. She began fucking him with a heated passion Lionel had only imagined in his most secret dreams. Her hips were sliding back and forth, grinding his cock in and out of her succulent cunt. She was moaning and whispering incoherent cries of passion up against his ear while she fucked him harder and faster, pinning him down on the couch with her thrusting hips.

Lionel grabbed on to her tight round ass, amazed by the hard muscles he felt under the soft silky skin. The muscles seemed to ripple with her passionately intense fucking motions. It felt like his entire body was focused on the sweet heat of her sliding pussy and the intense pressure building in his balls. Sweat was pouring down his face, his heart was pounding rapidly, and his breath was coming out in gasps and groans. There was no stopping this mad rush to orgasm, not with this squirming young woman milking his prick for all her priceless pussy was worth. It came upon him like a powerful explosion of thunder. His fingers dug into Maria’s lovely round buttocks, his hips jerked off the couch. His cock ejaculated deep into her fiery hot cunt in spastic bursts, draining him down to his roots. He thought he was going to die and couldn’t think of a better way to do so. His nostrils drank in the smell of her flowery perfume mixed with their mingled sweat and love juices. In the distance he heard Maria’s panting moans.

Lionel did not know whether he would ever see this sexually enchanting, young Mexican woman ever again but knew, for sure, that he would never forget his first taste of habanera and honey.

The Wish

“How much is this,” Ben called to the proprietor of the junk/antique shop!?!  “What have ya got there, sonny,” the old man asked while shuffling slowly over to where Ben was standing!!!  “Just this old leather pouch with this little booklet and a funny looking glass crystal!!!”  “Ten bucks and it’s yours,” the old man replied as he turned and walked away!!!   “Hey, what is it, anyway,” Ben called after him while carefully holding the glass orb in his hands!?!  “It’s ten bucks as is and twenty if I gotta read ya the directions!!!”  Deciding to take a flyer, Ben pulled a saw buck out of his shirt pocket and dropped it on the counter before leaving the shop!!!


It was a warm sunny Sunday afternoon, and since it was only three o’clock, Ben decided to swing past the park and take a little nature walk!!!  After parking his car, he grabbed his camera and set out down a tree lined path while keeping an eye out for any signs of wild life!!!  On more than one occasion he had gotten some incredible photos of deer drinking from the creek just around the next bend, so while getting his camera ready, he slowed down and moved quietly through a clearing in the dense foliage on the ready for any shot that might be available!!!  Poking his head from around a large tree, he surprised to see two teenage girls sunning themselves on the bank of the stream in cunt offs and tee shirts!!!  They appeared to be about eighteen or so, with long slim suntanned legs and soft blonde hair that cascaded down to their slim shoulders!!!  “Why not,” he whispered while aiming his camera at the two young beauties, “too bad you’re not topless, I’d love to see your tits!!!”  He was just about to press the shutter, when much to his utter amazement, both girls, almost in unison, pulled off their tee shirts, and then just as calmly you please removed their bras, revealing breasts that you could only dream about!!!   “H-holy smokes,” he gasped softly, “look at that,” while he snapping away like a mad man, “I can’t wait to develop these!!!”


Back in the car on his way home, Ben thought about what had happened on the trail, and for awhile didn’t make the connection, but then it hit him, so he slammed on his brakes, pulled over to the curb, and pulled the little worn booklet from the leather pouch!!!  Now while most of it was mumbo jumbo, there was one line that stood out like a sore thumb, and it read, “Who ever holds the crystal and stares into its soul will be granted a wish!!!”  “Judas priest,” he mumbled, “c-could it really be true, or was it just a crazy coincidence,” while reaching into the pouch and removing the heavy glass sphere and again staring into it and marveling at its depth and beauty!!!  There was only one sure way to find out, and that was to make a test, but what, what kind of test!?!  The book said made it sound like any wish would be granted, so why not try something really wild!?!  It had only been fifteen minutes since he had left the park, so he turned around and headed back to the trail with the two young sunbathers!!!  Quietly he crept back through the clearing, and as luck would have it, they were gone, but in there place was a thirtyish couple sitting on a blanket and sharing a bottle of wine!!!  “Why not,” Ben said to himself, and in a half whisper ordered, “Suck him off, you’re desperate for a mouth full of cum!!!”  With his fingers crossed, Ben craned his neck around the tree just in time to see the woman push her boyfriend or husband back down onto the blanket and with almost trembling hands pull out his pecker and swallow him whole!!!


All the way home Ben’s mind was spinning with the possibilities that his new found power offered, not the least of which would be a dramatic improvement in his sex life!!!  He stepped into the elevator in his building and pressed the button for floor number seven!!!  The doors were just beginning to shut when he heard a feminine voice yell out, “Hold the elevator, please!!!”  He quickly hit the stop button, which allowed a buxom woman who had seen many times, get into the car with him!!!   “What floor,” he asked as she struggled with her packages!?!  “Uh, number three,” she replied, “and thanks, I didn’t wanna hafta put these down, I really appreciate it!!!”  No problem,” Ben replied, “it was my pleasure,” while following up under his breath, “Invite me in, your clit has grown to ten times its normal size, you need to be sucked off and sucked off right now!!!”  A quizzical look came over her face, as she dropped several of her packages and let her free hand slide up under her dress to feel her vagina!!!  “Are you all right, ma’am,” he asked softly, “you seem to be having a problem, is there anything I can do to help!?!”  “I-I feel all funny inside,” she moaned, “I don’t know what’s happening to me, my clit’s on fire like it’s never been before, ohhhhhhhhhh, can you please help me, I don’t know what to do!?!” 

“I’ve got an idea,” he said softly, “why don’t I carrry these for you and then we can talk about it ar your place, how does that sound!?!”  With beads of perspiration breaking out on her forehead, she managed to stammer, “Yes, please, you must help me!!!”


“Nice place,” Ben offered while surveying her apartment for the first time, “how long have you lived in the building!?!”  When she didn’t answer him, he turned around to face her, and much to his utter surprise, there she stood completely naked, fingering her thick haired muffy, and while  she wasn’t fat, she was solidly put together with thick thighs, huge breasts, and of course and nice plump bottom!!!  “Now tell me again what your problem is,” he asked while staring at her luscious chest!?!  “I-it’s my clit, l-look at it, it’s way bigger than usual,” she stammered, “and it feels incredibly sensitive, I just don’t understand it!!!”  Now sounding very magnanimous he offered softly, “now don’t get me wrong, but I really want to help you out, so if you want me to, I can suck you off, if you think that will help, it’s entirely up to you!?!”  Her legs began quivering uncontrollably to the extent she had to grab a hold of a chair to keep from falling over, so he took her by the arm and led her to the couch where he had her lie down with her legs spread wide

apart!!!  Her breathing was becoming more shallow by the second, but she managed to stammer softly, “P-please, do me, I can’t take it anymore!!!”


Now Ben had eaten his share of pussy, but nothing he had ever seen could have prepared him for what he found nestled in the thick pubic thatch at the top of the middle aged slut’s slit!!!  “Good grief,” he mumbled, “you have a fucking little dick down here, it’s unbelievable!!!”  “Shut up and suck it,” she moaned while thrusting her hips forward, “please, I need it so badly!!!”  From his best estimate, Ben figured she was a least two inches long and as thick as his little finger, with a head that absolutely resembled  that of a tiny little pecker!!!  Gingerly at first he nosed it, purposely driving her up the wall with his beat around the bush technique, until she physically grabbed him by the hair and forced his mouth hard over her over developed organ!!!”  “Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped as he swirled his tongue around the head of her monster clitty, “sweet jesus, I’m on fucking fire, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god, suck me off you mother fuckin’ cunt lapper!!!”  It always amazed him how most women who by nature never use profanity, that is until they were getting sucked or fucked, and then however, they began swearing like sailors, begging and cajoling their partners to suck or fuck them harder and harder, exactly as this big clitted cunt was doing right now!!!  She was in the middle of a mind blowing orgasm, when from behind them came the sound of the front door opening and a lilting voice offer, “Anybody here, I’m home!?!”


“Who’s that,” Ben whispered!?!  “It’s my girl friend,” the woman moaned, “we’re going out for dinner, ohhhhhhhhhhh, god, suck me, please, suck me!!!”  Ben thought about it for a second and ordered, “Call her in here!!!”   In a very shaky voice the woman stammered, “I-I’m in here, Gail, come on in!!!”  A few seconds later the bedroom door burst open and a very surprised woman stood gape mouthed as she watched her friend getting her cunt sucked before finally asking, “Toni, what ever are you doing, I’m shocked to see you with a man!?!”  “I can’t help it,” Toni panted, “look at my clit, it’s fucking huge, and I so desperately needed someone to suck me, ohhhh, he sucks me so well, oh, oh, oh!!!”  “But he’s a man,” Gail whined, “we promised each other……”  Now growing tired of the useless chatter passing between the two women, Ben grabbed his pouch, pulled out the crystal, and after staring at it for a second, turned to Gail and ordered, “Sit the fuck down and play with your pussy until I tell you different, you got it, dyke!?!”  As a feeling of total aquiescence came over her, Gail slumped slowly to the floor while her fingers tugged at her pants and panties!!!  “Now, shut the fuck up,” Ben said while returning his attention to Toni’s bulging clitoris, “you still need it, baby?!?”  “Please, hurry,” she gasped, “I-I’m so fucking hot I can’t stand it!!!”


Ben continued sucking the fat clit for another the minutes or so, but always easing up when it appeared the poor girl was about to climax, which had the effect of driving her to the edge of delirium!!!  Toni babbled like a idiot as her clit throbbed on the precipice of the orgasm she so desperately  needed, but wasn’t quite being able to get there!!!  Out of the corner of his eye Ben could see Gail with he legs spread wide, furiously fingering her smoothly shaved pussy, when he had an idea!!!  Turning to face her, Ben asked softly, “Gail, how would you like to finish Toni off with your mouth, I think she’s about ready to blow!!!”  Without even replying, Gail scrambled over to Toni on her hands and knees and instantly buried her  face into the thick haired muffy!!!  “Taste good,” Ben asked casually while sliding up behind the unsuspecting bitch, as both women were now ignoring him totally as Gail’s tongue whipped sawed to and fro over Toni’s over ripe organ!!!  Ben lined up his thick pecker against Gail’s unsuspecting pussy, and just as Toni’s cunt convulsed in a series of brutally crushing orgasms, he slammed his hips forward, burying his meat balls deep into her quivering organ!!!”  Ben winced as Gail screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, while the first thing he wondered was if the walls were sound proof!!!  “P-please no,” she moaned, “I-I’ve never had a man before, please no, ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!”  “No,” he questioned, while fucking her with a series of vicious strokes intent on splitting her apart, “admit it, dyke, you fucking love it!!!”  Toni looked on slack jawed and glassy eyed as her bull dyke lover took her first hard dick doggy style while loving every second of it until she was wailing in the midst of the first cock induced orgasm of her life!!!


Ben chuckled out loud while zipping up his pants and slipping out the front door while the two women lay in a heap, wondering exactly what had happened to them!!!

The Card Game

“Who wants to start,” Paige asked excitedly as she shuffled the cards!?! “This was your idea, Page,” Anna replied nervously, “I think you should lead it off, don’t you girls!?!” Both Glenna and Mo nodded their heads in unison and while waiting for Paige to finish shuffling the erotic game cards!!! “Okay,” Paige replied with a shiver, “I’ll go first but you all gotta promise to play at least one round, agreed!?!” The three other girls glanced back and forth between each other before Mo replied, “Agreed, we’ll all draw at least one card, after that we’ll see how it goes!!!” After Paige completed her shuffle, Glenna cut the deck and all eyes turned towards Page in anticipation of her draw!!!

Paige licked her lips nervously as she drew the top card and gingerly turned it over to read, You’re lucky, all you have to do is show your pussy!!! The other girls whooped and hollered as Paige stood up and in defiantly pulled down her jeans and panties and showing off her auburn haired pussy to the group while exclaiming, “You can laugh if you want to, but now it’s your turn,” as she slid the deck over in front of Mo!!! Mo chuckled uncertainly, and with a great deal of trepidation, drew a card and read out loud, Nice girls don’t, but you do, the girl to your right sucks your nipple!!! Mo stared at the card for several seconds before turning to Glenna who said, “Now wait a minute, this is supposed to be her turn, not mine, I won’t do it, I won’t!!!” “Come on, Glen, you agreed,” Anna offered, “and besides, it doesn’t say how long you have to suck it, make it a quickie!!!” “Oh, nuts,” Glenna replied before leaning over and giving Mo’s big nipple a fast nibble, “now are you satisfied!?!” “Perfectly,” Paige replied sweetly, “just perfectly!!!” “Two down and two to go,” Mo said while putting her boobs back into her low cut lace bra, “whose turn is is now!?!” “I guess it’s mine,” Anna replied while drumming her fingers on the top card, “well here goes, as she turned over a card that read, Only for a minute, expose it, and finger it!!! “Holy shit,” Anna muttered under her breath, “this is getting serious isn’t it!?!” “Yes it is,” Paige replied softly, “so let’s see some action, babe!!!” “I’ll time her,” Mo offered while checking the sweep hand on her watch, “tell me when!!!” A red faced Anna pulled her skirt up over her hips, and with a quick tug pulled down off her panties and without looking any of the other girls in the eyes, began fingering her full lipped pussy until Mo called time!!! Everyone was quiet while Anna pulled on her panties, but soon everyone was looking at Glenna, as the sexual tension in the room became palpable!!! Glenna turned over her card, and with everyone leaning in close to see what it said, she read softly, No fingers in the pie this time, but strip you must ’til time goes by!!!
“Well at least you don’t have to finger it,” Paige offered while Glenna slowly removed every stitch of her clothing, “that’s something anyway, right!?!” “Yeah, right,” Glenna replied as her nipples stiffened in the cool air, “I’m real lucky that way!!!”

All four girls paused for a moment, not sure if they should continue, but before anyone could say another word, Paige flipped over her second card and gasped, ” Oh, my god, look at this!!!” “What’s it say,” Mo asked while turning her head to read the back of the card!?! Find a candle, blow it out, ram it in ’til it makes you shout!!! “Holy smokes,” Mo stammered, “y-you’ve gotta fuck yourself with a candle!!!” “I’ll find a candle,” Glenna offered as she ran naked into the other room, “you just get undressed and get comfortable!!! “Thanks a lot,” Paige said flatly while removing her clothing, “you’re a big help!!!” The big boobed girl returned to the bed room with two candles and asked, “Which one, I brought two!?!” “You’re crazy if you think I’m gonna use the red one,” Paige shuddered while she eyed the two inch thick bruiser, “give me the white one!!!” Glenna handed the long thin taper to her friend while everyone sat down at the foot of the bed and watched as Page slid it easily into her dripping cunt!!! “Oh my,” Paige sighed as eight inches of wax worked its way home, “t-that feels really nice, mmmmmmmmmm, nice!!!” “Wow,” Mo whispered, “I’ve never seen anything like this before, have you guys,” and both Glenna and Anna both shook their heads from side to side without taking their eyes off of Paige’s dripping pussy!!! Paige had slipped into another world totally oblivious of everyone around her, and in a matter of minutes she was ramming the candle in and out of her pussy until she was bucking her hips forward to meet every stroke!!! Glenna’s hand had slipped to her crotch, and almost absentmindedly she diddled her own clit in rhythm with Paige’s stroking, that is until Paige arched her back as an orgasm rolled through her like a hot knife through butter!!! It wasn’t until after Paige’s orgasm had subsided that Mo and Anna noticed that the naked Glenna was in the midst of a climax herself, but it was equally as hard as Paige’s, and left the poor girl slumped face first on the bed gasping for breath!!!

With Paige and Glenna to exhausted to move, Mo and Anna returned to the game where Mo drew a card the read, Roses are red, violets are blue, stick your tongue in her, the girl next to you!!! “Oh my,” Anna whispered while removing her panties, “I’ve never done anything like this before, and I have to admit that I’m pretty nervous!!!” “Your nervous,” Mo replied, “all you hafta do is lay back and relax, I’m the one who has to put her mouth into your hairy pussy!!!” But after giving Anna a wink, Mo let her tongue slide into the dense forest of pubic hair as it searched for Anna’s erect clit!!!” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Anna sighed, “t-that feels wonderful, oh, oh, right there, that’s it, oh yes, ohhhhhhhh, you do my clit so well!!!” Glenna slid up on the bed next to Paige and the two of them nestled together while watching Mo suck Anna’s very needy slit!!! “Suck her off, Mo,” Paige offered while Glenna leaned down and took one of her nipples into her mouth, “ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, suck the little bitch off!!! It was amazing to watch, but Mo was actually getting turned on from having her mouth on Anna’s hot little pussy, so she offered no resistance when both Glenna and Paige, hopped off the bed and pulled of her panties, leaving her ass and pussy exposed and ready for action!!! With an evil look on her face, Paige picked up the thick red candle, and with out warning, rammed it into Mo’s drooling pussy doggy style!!!

Glenna winced at the ferocity of Paige’s attack on Mo’s cunt, but the cunt lapping bitch was so turned on, she merely shoved her ass backwards, trying to induce Paige into fucking her harder!!! “Jesus,” Glenna moaned softly, “just look at her, she’s sucking Anna off and getting fucked by that monster candle, oh god, I’m gonna have to do my clitty, and soon all four women were moaning as orgasms began building steadily in their bulging cunts!!! Anna was the first to go as Mo’s hot tongue bored in hard on her distended clit, driving her straight over the edge of climax hill!!! Mo’s cunt futilely tried gripping the massive invader, but it was a hopeless task as it was being stretched beyond the limits of credulity, only to eventually find itself erupting in a series of vicious orgasms that left it pulverized into submission!!! Glenna’s finger was now a blur flying in and out of her burning pussy, and as her own climax approached, she leaned over and began planting little wet kisses all over Mo’s smooth white ass while the fat red candle still protruded obscenely form her brutally fucked cunt!!! “Are you getting close,” Paige asked while cupping Glenna’s soft breasts, “I just found out today that I love watching a woman masturbate, and you are one hot fucking bitch!!!” This was new to her too, but Glenna had discovered that she loved exposing herself to her friends, and hearing Page talking so slutty was even more of a turn on!!! “How does this feel,” Page whispered while twisting her hard nipples, “does this make you want to cum, dear!?!” Beads of sweat hand broken out on Glenna’s forehead, and she stammered her answer, “I-it feels fucking great, and I can’t help it, but I’m fucking cumming, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck I’m over the edge!!!”

No one said a word for a long while until Anna offered, “Now that is one heckuva game, ladies!!!” “Yeah,” Paige replied, “but we gotta figure out how to get past the second round!!!

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Football Widow

“I’m just sick of it,” Terri said after taking a sip of her coffee, “the stupid season just started and Chuck is already ignoring me completely on Saturday and Sunday, and I think it’s hopeless, he’s never gonna change!!!” “I hear ya,” Valerie replied, “Brad spent all weekend glued to the TV watching wall to wall football, and what’s worse, those idiotic pre game show now are about as long as the games themselves, and then don’t let’s forget Monday night, crimony, that’s the holy grail of football, we wouldn’t wanna miss that, would we!?!” While shaking her head in agreement, Terri offered, “Chuck bets ten lousy bucks on a game and you’d think we had the whole house riding on it, all that screaming and yelling, I think they’re all nuts, I just wish there was a way we could pry them away from the tube even for just a few hours!!!” Valerie took a drink of her coffee, and after a few moments reflection replied, “Maybe we can, girl, maybe we can!!!”

The following Sunday afternoon just after the kickoff…….. “Brad,” Valerie called from her dressing room, “can you come in here and help me for a minute!?!” “What was that, babe,” he called from the den, “I can’t hear ya, the game just started!!!” Raising her voice a little louder she repeated, “Could you please come in here and help me for a moment!?!” “Awww, Val,” he yelled, “can’t ya wait ’til half time, we’ve already got the ball on their thirty seven yard line!?!” Finally losing her temper, Valerie shouted, “Bradley Decker you get in her this instant, I’m tired of screaming back and forth, do you understand me!?!” After rolling his eyes and hopping out of his easy chair, he waited until the next play was run, a screen pass for fifteen yards, thank you, and then ambled into the dressing room and said, “Let’s make it snappy, babe, we’re within field goal range and I don’t wanna miss anything, okay!?!” Sitting at her dressing table in just her bra and panties, Valerie casually ran a brush through her long blonde hair, feigning any interest in her husband at all!!! “Well,” Brad demanded, “you got me in here, whaddaya need, let’s go, babe, hurry it up will ya!?!” Finally recognizing his presence, Valerie turned to face him, and while still brushing her hair asked softly, “Would you be a dear and unhook my bra for me, Bradley, I’d really appreciate it?!?” “You got me in here for that,” he demanded angrily, “are you nuts or somethin’, I’m watching a game in there!?!” “Oh, Bradley,” she replied smoothly, “I know how important your game is, but it will only take you a second and I’d really appreciate it, pleasssssssssse!?!”

Brad shrugged his shoulders in surrender and answered, “Yeah, sure, no problem, just turn around and I’ll do it right now!!!” Coyly she turned her back to him as he quickly grabbed at her garment while attempting to undo the four clasps holding it together!!! He struggled for a few more seconds before giving up and replying in exasperation, “Jesus, Val, I never could handle these things, you’re just gonna hafta do it yourself, I gotta go now, bye,” as he spun around to go back to the den!!!” “Before you go,” she said quickly, “just watch this,” as she deftly reached around and undid the hooks with on hand, “see, it’s easy, anyone can do it!?!” “Yeah,” he replied nervously, “you’re right, anyone can do it, now may I please get back to my game!?!” “Of course, dear,” she said sweetly, “except that I think I have a problem with my breasts and I’m not sure what to do about it!!!” That stopped him cold in his tracks as he wheeled around and asked seriously, “What kind of problem!?!”

When she didn’t answer him fast enough he repeated his question, “I asked what kind of a problem, now out with it, tell me!!!” Still holding her 36DD cup bra over her full breasts she replied, “Oh just forget it, honey, it’s probably nothing, go ahead and enjoy your game, we can talk later!!!” “Screw the game,” he replied seriously, “now tell me, what gives!?!” Now bowing her head in mock shyness, Valerie took in a deep breath to expand her already massive chest, and then slowly lowered the white satin bra exposing her incredible chest to his eyes!!! He scrutinized them carefully for a few moments and announced, “I don’t see anything wrong with them, they look fine to me!!!” Smiling secretly to herself and suppressing her laughter, she broke down into tears and offered, “Y-you wouldn’t understand, Bradley, but I-I think I’m losing all feeling in my nipples, ohhhhhh, I just knew you wouldn’t understand,” as tears ran down her cheeks onto her chest!!!” Oh, baby,” he exclaimed while rushing to her, “that’s just awful, and believe me, I do understand, now are you sure that you really have a problem!?!” “Y-you don’t think I’d make up a story like that do you,” she wailed, “y-you don’t believe me, do you!?!”

“Don’t say that, baby,” he said softly while taking her in his arms, “of course I believe you, just tell me, how can I help you!?!” It was excruciating not being able to laugh, but Valerie hid her smile with a handkerchief she used to wipe away her tears before replying softly, “W-well there is one way you could help me!!!” “Anything,” he replied excitedly, “just tell me, I’ll do anything!!!” Now coyly looking at the floor she whispered, “You know how sensitive my breasts have always been and how much I love having you suck on my nipples, well, maybe if you could just, you know, maybe if you could just suck on them a little, just to test them out, then you can go right back to your game, okay!?!” “God yes,” he replied while dropping to his knees and putting his mouth at nipple level, “here, just let me get it into my mouth, mmmmmmm!!!” “God that feels good,” Valerie sighed to herself not wanting Brad to quit took quickly!!! “You have the best tits I’ve ever seen,” he blubbered while sucking, “I just love sucking them for you, babe, mmmmmmm good!!!” She let him suck another minute or so before replying softly, “And you know how much I love having you suck them Bradley, but it might take a while longer to make sure that they’re okay!!!”

She didn’t know about her husband, but Valerie’s pussy was now just about ready to self ignite, and so quietly she asked, “Bradley, dear, I-I have a confession to make!!!” Now almost delirious with desire, Brad let Val’s big nipple slip reluctantly from her mouth while asking, “Tell me, what confession!?!” “Well, dear,” she said sweetly, “it seems that my nipples are working just fine now, but now I have another problem!!!” “Jesus, Val,” he moaned, “now what!?!” Now giving him her best little girl look with a turned up quivering tongue she offered softly, “Just this,” while pulling her panties aside revealing her now drenched pussy, “it’s all wet and sticky, I’m sorry, but the way you were sucking my nipples I just couldn’t help it!!!” With his eyes the size of saucers, he sucked in his breath and took in a deep whiff of her excited vagina, moaning softly as his penis stiffened even more than it already was!!! Seeing that he was hers, she gently took him by the hair and led his mouth to her now drooling pussy!!!

Upon contact with his mouth, Valerie gasped and then moaned, “Oh, Brad, you know just how to take care of your woman don’t you, you have such a wonderful mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you bad boy, what are you doing to me!?!” As she softly twisted her big nipples, he replied, “I’m sucking your pussy, and in a few minutes I’m gonna fuck you, how do you like that!!! “A-are you hard,” she gasped again, before taking one of her nipples into her own mouth!?!” “I’m hard as a fucking rock,” he groaned into her pussy!!! “Are you sure you wanna fuck me,” she moaned, “your football game is on!?!” “W-what are you talking about,” he mumbled into her hair pie!?! “You know, the game on TV,” she said with a shiver as his tongue bored in on her hard clit, “you never miss a game!!!”

Now standing up quickly and shucking his dugarees and boxers, his thick erection bobbed menacingly in front of her as he replied, “Forget the game, I wanna fuck my wife,” while taking by the arm and guiding her to the floor where he mounted and began fucking her with care free like abandon!!! “You are a fucking stud,” she moaned as his member plowed in and out of her helpless pussy, “oh god, you do me so fucking well, ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy!!!” They say that a man’s brain goes back and forth between two heads, the one on his shoulders and the other on the end of his dick, and from the moment that Bradley put Valerie’s nipple into his mouth, his dick head had taken over control of his mind as he pistoned in and out of her cunt with a brutal ferocity that turned both of them into wild animals following the instinct of countless eons of evolutionary development!!! Valerie clawed at Bradley’s back while her vice like legs locked him in place, until that delicious moment when it all came together and their mutual climax left them locked together as their genitals wrenched together in one last orgasmic shudder!!!

Too weak to even move, they lay together, with legs and arms intertwined as a post coital glow flowed through them both until Valerie whispered, “I wonder if we made the field goal?!?” Bradley chuckled a bit, kissed her on the nipple and replied, “Who gives a fuck, I scored and that’s all that counts!!!

My Falasha Love

My name is Etan. My mother used to say that it meant “firm and strong”. Now she tells me that it must mean “stubborn”. She was very upset when I married Chara but I believe she would have attended the wedding had my father not been so opposed. I sometimes do not understand my own family. My grandfather survived The Holocaust. We, of all people, should know the dangers of blind hatred of a people. Be that as it may, my father was bitterly opposed to Operation Solomon. He did not wish “impure, black blood contaminating the gene pool of the chosen people”. This massive airlift from Ethiopia saved Chara’s people. The Falasha are as Jewish as we are. Their traditions may even go back to the time of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. My father can see no further than Chara’s beautiful brown skin. He has not let her wonderful warmth penetrate his hard heart. Given the chance, she would soften his heart just as she has melted mine. I still pray that someday he will give her that chance. Until then, I refuse to speak to him.

Like many Israeli reserves, I have spent some time in the occupied territories. It is hard and dangerous work. The burning hatred one sometimes feels makes my father’s foolish bigotry seem like a mere candle of stupidity. Returning from such duty, I often feel dirty and exhausted. It is such a joy to return to Chara’s loving arms.

It was night when I finally returned from this past deployment. When I enter our home all is sweet, cool and quiet. Chara comes out of the bedroom in a flowing, diaphanous white nightgown that contrasts nicely against her smooth, dark brown skin. I take her in my arms and feel her full breasts warm against my chest. Her smell excites me.

“I have just completed my mikvah in preparation for your arrival. My body has been made pure for my husband,” Chara says with a smile. I am glad I showered before leaving Hebron.

She takes me by the hand and leads me to our bed. With a gentle shove she pushes me down on to my back, her beautiful ebony body is above me, her sweet round breasts dangling in her nightgown. I reach for them but she diverts my hand by grabbing my wrist. She sucks on my fingers one by one. Sliding each one past her gleaming white teeth and welcoming it into her sweet mouth. The tingling sensation flows down my arm, through my chest and belly to form a pool of lust in my groin.

“My husband is overdressed,” she murmurs seductively.

Her dark, delicate fingers undress me until I lay naked on the bed with my pale phallus standing tall and hard. She lifts her white nightgown over her head and I gaze upon her beautiful young body. Her lovely round breasts have little dark brown circles around the erect nipples, her belly is flat, inches below her navel there is a thin line of black, downy hair that leads to the bushy black triangle around her dark lipped vagina. Though I have seen her naked many times, the sight still takes my breath away.

She comes into my arms and we begin a soul-sharing kiss, her pink tongue sends flickers of electricity through me. Our flesh presses together as we share the warmth of our love. I roll her over on to her back and stare into her large brown eyes. Her smile glows in the dimly lit room. My hand looks ghostly against her firm, dark breast. She sighs when I caress the nipple. We kiss again and I can feel her silky leg pressed against my male hardness, rubbing it lightly as her pelvis squirms. We are both hungry with lust, I have been away a long time.

I reach down, sliding my fingers tantalizingly across her silken brownness to touch her dark pubic hairs. My fingers play just above her portal of womanhood, touching the hair but not the delicious flesh that lies beneath. She groans and pushes herself toward the teasing fingers. I pull them back a few times and then slide them between her dark nether lips, causing her to groan longer and louder. Her fingers close around my stiff rod. Her hand begins to slowly pump it and soon I, too, am groaning deep in my throat as I continue rubbing her wonderfully wet pink opening. Our bodies strain towards each other, seeking to be joined.

Looking down between our bodies, I watch her brown hand guide my hard whiteness into her moist depths. My hips push forward to drive myself deeper inside her welcoming warmth, she wraps her strong, dark legs around my pale muscular back. We begin slowly, savoring the sensations deep within our merged groins, gently rocking together as one but we have been apart for too many weeks. Our passion is strong, it takes control of our mated bodies causing us to begin thrusting against each other harder and faster. Sweat makes our bodies slippery, she meets every down stroke with her own upward push. Our breathing is heavy and harsh, our lovemaking is hot and fast. My white balls are banging against her shapely brown posterior, little slurping sounds can be heard coming from our excited genitals.

Chara’s cries of passion become louder, her legs wrap tighter around my back as she urges me on, telling me to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. Though the sexual tension is wound tight inside me, eager to explode, I comply with her wishes. Our pelvises pound together, my hard penis slamming into her grasping vagina again and again. I feel her strong inner walls rippling against the skin of my circumcised organ, her hands have grabbed my tush. She pushes me in and out of her in a frenzied pace. Her loud moans bounce off our bedroom walls and her strong leg lock threatens to break my ribs as she cries out.

“Ohhh…Etan…. I come…come with me…shoot your load deep inside me…. ohhhh!!!”

The vibrations within her body and within my ears are too strong to resist. I spill my seed into her hot, moist, pulsating womanhood in powerful jerks and grunts of lust. Her vagina muscles suck me dry. Our spent bodies collapse against each other, her brown flesh plastered against my white flesh and, no matter what my family says, nothing in my life has ever felt so good and so right.

Mail Room Boy

“Here’s your mail, Mz. Owens,” Stevie said while dropping a thick bundle of envelopes on the corner of the senior vice president’s desk, “I think you get more stuff than anyone, you must have a lot of friends!!!” Tilting her head forward to look over the top of her reading glasses, she eyed the young mail boy before replying, “Well, Stevie, most of them aren’t from friends, I get that kind of mail at home, believe me, these are all work related!!!” He paused for a second before leaving her office, and then in a hesitant voice replied, “Well I bet that anyone as pretty as you has a lot of friends!!!” “Why thank you, Stevie,” she answered smoothly, “that’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me in a long time, do you sweet talk your girl friend that way, too!?!” Now turning a bright shade of red he replied, “Uh, no, I don’t have a girlfriend!!!” Seeing his obvious discomfort, Kimberly Owens replied gently, “I’m really surprised, you’re a very handsome young man, how old are you, Stevie!?!” “I’m eighteen, ma’am,” he replied softly, “I’ll be nineteen in two more months!!!” Giving the young blonde haired boy one more once over, she asked softly, “Stevie, may I ask you a favor, please!?!” “Gosh yes,” he fairly shouted, anything at all, you just name it, Mz. Owens!!!” “Good, stop by my office at let’s say five fifteen,” she replied, “I’ll explain then exactly what I want you to do, okay!?!” “Sure,” he replied happily, “I’ll be here at five fifteen sharp!!!!

At precisely a quarter after five there was a knock on her door and a soft male voice saying, “It’s me Mz. Owens, Stevie Baker, you wanted to see me!!!” “Come on in, Stevie,” she called out from behind her large oak desk, “I’ve been hoping you’d make it!!!” With an expectant look on his face he stood silently before her, waiting dutifully for her instructions as she continued, “What do you know about me, Stevie, I mean about me personally!?!” “Uh, not much,” he replied, “except for the fact that you’re a v.p. and work in the marketing department, that’s all!!!” “I don’t mean work related items, I mean about me outside of the office, like where I live, if I’m married, if I have any children, that sort of thing!!!” “I dunno,” he answered slowly, “I guess I just figured a pretty lady like you was married, but I guess I really don’t know anything about you at all!!!” Again letting her eyes drink in his youthful beauty, she replied, “Well, I’m not married, never have been, so naturally I don’t have children, and I live on the near north side in a high rise with my cat, so I guess you could say that I’m a little bit lonely!!!” Nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he mumbled, “t-that’s hard to believe, ma’am, I mean you’re so pretty and all………….” “All what,” she asked softly!?! “I just meant that a lotta men would love taking you out,” he answered, ” I just can’t imagine you staying at home every night, that’s all!!!” “Well,” she replied softly, “it’s sad to say, but I do, but enough about me, I’ve got a question for you!!!

“What’s that,” he asked, “ask away!?! “Why don’t you have a girl friend, you’re a very handsome young man,” she asked!?! “Oh, I don’t know,” he answered, “I guess I get too nervous when I’m around them, you know, tongue tied!!!” “You don’t seem nervous around me, Stevie,” she replied softly, “at least I hope you’re not!!!” “Y-you’re different,” he stammered, “I don’t know why but I just want to be around you, is that bad of me!?!” “Of course not, Stevie,” she said, “I’m very flattered that you like me, and I just want you to know that I like you too, but enough of that, let’s discuss the reason I had you stop in after hours, all right!?!” “Uh sure, fire away,” he replied!!! “As I mentioned before,” she said slowly, “I live alone, mostly by choice, as my work takes up and enormous amount of my time, and having a family just isn’t feasible, do you understand so far!?!” Uh huh,” he replied, “that makes sense, after all you’ve gotta a real important job, right!?!” “That right,” Kimberly Owens replied, “I’m very busy, and consequently I’m afraid I feel very alone, especially at night when I’m all by myself, do you see what I mean!?!” “I-I’m not sure,” he stammered, “what are you driving at, Mz. Owens!?!” It was now or never, and after taking a deep breath, the fifty two year old executive stood up and calmly lifted her skirt above her waist, exposing her very fat lipped vagina to his stunned young eyes!!!

“Stevie,” she asked softly, “are you okay, you look a little pale!?!” “I-I’m just fine,” he gulped, unable to take his eyes off of the incredible sight before him, “w-why are you showing me your, you know, your vagina!?!” “Do you like the way it looks, Stevie, right now it’s very aroused,” she moaned softly!?! “I-I’ve never even seen one before,” mumbled truthfully, “but it’s making me feel all funny inside!!!” “That’s how you’re supposed to feel, dear,” she whispered, “has anyone ever explained what a man does to a woman’s vagina, how he takes care of her, and how he makes her feel so nice!?!” “No,” he replied barely above a whisper, “what do they do?!?” While absentmindedly fingering herself, she replied, “Well, the first thing he does his put his tongue inside of her vagina and then suck her clitoris, do you think you can do that for me, Stevie, I really need it badly, and you want to help me out don’t you!?!” “Of course I do,” he answered quickly, “just tell me what to do!!!”

After retaking her seat and spreading her legs wide apart, Kimberly Owens motioned the young man to come to her, where upon she gently took him by the neck and pulled his face directly into her now steaming muff!!! “Jesus, that feels nice,” she sighed as he worked his tongue all around her huge slit, “are you sure this is your first time, you’re pretty good at it!?!” He quickly pulled away and while looking up to her replied, “Oh no, ma’am, believe me, this is my first time, I’d never lie to you, you gotta believe me!!!” Smiling sweetly at his naivete`, she gently pulled his mouth back in place and replied softly, “I know this is your first time, Stevie, that was a rhetorical question that required no answer, now you just keep sucking mama’s clit for her, okay!?!” He started to pull away to reply, but her hand firmly held him in place and she whispered, “Just eat, don’t talk!!!” He had of course seen pictures of naked women, but nothing in the photos could have adequately prepared him for the intense sensations he felt when his face was buried in his boss’s muffy!!! At first he was concerned that he was hurting her as her moans grew more intense, and when she finally bucked her vagina into his face he was sure of it, that is until she pulled his wet face up to her where she planted hundreds of little soft kisses all over him while thanking him profusely for making her cum!!! After she had calmed down a little, she gave him one last kiss on the lips and exclaimed, “Now my turn!!!”

With her skirt still up around her waist, Kimberly Owens expertly undid Stevie’s belt and zipper before jerking his pants down around ankles leaving him standing there in only his while cotton briefs!!! “W-what are you doing,” he gasped as she ran her hand over the bulge in his underwear, “ohhhhhhh, that feels wonderful, oh my!!!” She looked up at him with a wry smile and whispered, “Would you like me to suck you off!?!” “Y-you mean put my penis in your mouth,” he asked in wonder!?! “Exactly,” she replied quickly, “now watch this,” as she pulled his short over his full erection letting it slip easily into her hot hungry mouth!!! Staring down and seeing this picture of innocence with his cock in her mouth was more than an inexperienced lad could handle, and seconds later his pecker spasmed hard, filling the old cock hound’s throat with a hot load of teenage spunk!!! “I’m sorry,” he moaned, “I-I could help it, it just happened!!!” “Sorry,” she questioned, “that was just what the doctor ordered, I can’t wait to do it again!!!”

A look of complete satisfaction spread over Stevie’s face as he slumped against Kimberly’s desk and ogled the older woman’s dripping cunt!!! “How was it,” she asked while savoring the last vestiges of the hot sperm shooter her young stud had just given her!?! “It was better than I ever could have imagined,” he gushed, “I didn’t even know people did that sort of thing, you know, with their mouths and all!!!” “What did you think they did,” she asked softly while stroking her cunt!?!” “Well, you know,” he said shyly, “regular sex!!!” “Hmmmmm, I’m not sure what regular sex is,” she said blankly, “maybe you’d better explain it to me!!!” Realizing right away that she was teasing him, he chuckled and turned red while watching her masturbate!!! After a few more minutes of rest, Kimberly said, “Ya know what, I have a good idea, let’s try that “regular sex” thing you were talking about!!!” Quick as a cat, Kimberly Owens hopped up on the edge of her large desk, spread her legs wide apart, and pulled the young stud by his erect cock into her steaming opening!!! “This kid is a natural,” she thought to herself as his ass went into overdrive slamming his hard meat in and out of her with brutal ferocity!!! “H-holy fuck,” she stammered, “you’re fucking me so good, just like a fucking stud boy should, ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, fucking give me your fucking pecker you fucking cunt lapper, fuck me like a fucking whore!!!” His pecker was now literally a blur as he pounded in and out of her like an automatic trip hammer, until his whole body tensed up while he emptied his nut deep inside of her gray haired pussy and finally collapsing in a heap on top of her!!!

“Stevie,” she whispered while his shrinking pecker slid out of her well fucked cunt, “from now on you have several new duties to perform, I’d say at least twice a week, maybe more, do you think you can handle it!?!” Dropping to his knees and holding his mouth inches form her drooling cunt he replied, “I think we’d better go for the “maybe more”, don’t you!?


“How many applications do you think we have now,” Dr. Horton asked his research assistant, Doris Brewer!?! “About fifty I’d guess,” she replied while scanning the list, “and we have a nice cross section of ages, all the way from nineteen up to sixty three!!!” “Good,” he said, “what’s the breakdown on married and single!?!” “About 70-30,” she replied, “with most of them being single!!!” “Hmmm, I wish we had more married women participating in the survey,” he opined, “but I guess a lot of husbands wouldn’t want their wives involved in something like this, so we’ll just have to make do with what we have, right!?!” “That’s right,” Doris answered, “and if you’re ready, our first candidate is waiting in the outer office, should I show her in!?!” “By all means,” he replied enthusiastically, “but first give me her file so that I can review it!!!

“Hello, I’m Dr. Greg Horton, I’m very happy to meet you, and you must be Miss Dvorak, please have a seat!!!” The young woman nervously took a chair opposite Dr. Horton’s imposing desk and sat quietly with her arms folded on her lap while waiting for the doctor to continue!!! After offering her a soft drink, Dr. Horton leaned back in his chair and began, “Just so we understand each other, Miss Dvorak, here at the Horton Labs we do advance research on human sexual response, so if you were under some other impression I wanted to make our position crystal clear!!!” In a somewhat quiet voice the young woman replied, “I understand, and that’s why I’m here!” “Good then,” the doctor replied, “I just want to verify some basic information on your form, such as your age, you’re twenty three and unmarried!?!” “Yes,” she replied softly! “Are you currently living with someone,” he asked?!? “No,” she replied, “but I do have a steady boyfriend!” “I see,” he said while noting that fact on her sheet, “and do you have regular sexual relations with your friend!?!” With her face turning a bright shade of crimson she replied, “Uh, a couple of times a week!” “Intercourse and oral sex,” he asked!?! “Both,” she answered!!! “Giving and receiving,” he questioned?!? “Both,” she replied again! “And lastly,” he asked easily, “sexually what is the most arousing for you, by that I mean turns you on to the max!?!” After a moments hesitation she replied, “I guess I’d have to say doing sixty nine!!!”

“Well that should about do it,” Dr. Horton said while giving her chart one last glance, “now I’m sure that Doris has explained to you what we’re going to be doing, but I just want to go over it one more time to make sure we’re all on the same page,” while Anne Dvorak shook her head in the affirmative and waited for the doctor to continue! “So, what we’re measuring is the female arousal rate from outside stimuli,” he explained, “without any actual touching, just mental stimulation so to speak, so attached to your body will be a series of electrodes and probes designed to measure a host of reactions as your senses are flooded with pictures, sounds, and videos of sexually arousing situations, do you understand!?!” “I-I think so,” she replied softly, “these sensors, will they hurt!?!” “Not at all,” he replied smiling, “most are held in place with a soluble paste that comes off easily with warm water, while the probe is simply a pencil size device that is inserted into your vagina which I can assure you will cause you no discomfort what so ever!!!” “And by the way,” he went on, “if you are picturing yourself on a harsh examining table, well don’t, you will be reclining comfortably in a large easy chair, we’re trying to measure sexual response not suppress it, so if there are no more questions are you ready to begin!?!” With a little shiver of fear racing through her, Anne Dvorak nodded her head and replied with bravado, “Okay doc, let’s rock and roll!!!”

Doris led Anne Dvorak into the laboratory where the experiments would take place and then ordered, “Okay, Anne, please remove all of you clothing and then sit down in this reclining chair!!!” While the young woman began taking off her things, she watched Doris out of the corner of her eye getting the her equipment prepared!!! “That looks pretty complicated,” Anne opined while trying to keep things light, “I can’t get shocked from any of that can I!?!” “Of course not,” Doris replied, “all of the electrical connections are low voltage, you know, flashlight type power, it’s all perfectly safe!!!” “Well, good,” she shot back jokingly, “I don’t wanna donate my body to science, at least not yet!!!” “We’ll try and remember that,” Doris said while chuckling, “okay now, into the chair so I can get you hooked up!!!

Twenty minutes later Dr. Horton entered the room saying, “Is everything ready, Doris!?!” “Everything but the vaginal probe, and I have that lubed up and ready to go,” she replied while carefully inserting it into Anne Dvorak, “there, that does it, all ready to go!!!” The doctor sat down in a chair next to the recliner and explained, “I just want you to know exactly what each connection is for, Anne, these two are obvious, they’re connected to you nipples and will record in sensitivity in your breasts, while this belt on your right arm will measure any change in your blood pressure!!!” Anne nodded that she understood, while the doctor continued on, “Now this one on your temple will record brain waves while the vaginal probe will measure lubrication as well as any change in the size of your internal organs due to any change in blood flow, while that camera overhead and attached to the ceiling will record any changes in your external physical characteristics such as vaginal lip puffiness as well as any change in your skin color!!!” After giving her a reassuring pat on the arm Dr. Horton offered, “So, if you don’t have any other questions, let’s get started!!!”

Sitting passively behind a large panel of switches and dials, Doris waited for the doctor to give her the signal to begin the experiment while he gave Anne one last bit of encouragement!!! “Okay, Doris,” he finally signaled, “start the slide show, please!!!” Reclining comfortably in the large adjustable chair with her legs spread wide apart and her arms resting at her side, Anne stared as images began appearing on a twenty seven inch television screen sitting on a tall stand at the foot of her chair!!! “What I want you to do is concentrate on every image that comes onto the screen,” the doctor said softly, as a picture of a group of college age men in tight gem shorts playing basketball on a hot summer afternoon followed in rapid succession by images of men performing all sorts of sporting activities in bathing suits and athletic clothing!!! Picture after picture popped onto the large screen with any change in Anne’s physiology being dutifully recorded by the monitors along the far wall!!! As they moved along, Dr. Horton made notes on a yellow legal pad, but all the time keeping a close eye on Anne Dvorak’s response to the stimuli bombarding her mind!!!

While the images of men performing normal athletic activities were interesting to her, the monitors indicated that Anne’s response was normal and non sexual in nature, but gradually the images grew more provocative as the men were posing totally naked in front of her!!! Dr. Horton looked over to Doris who nodded to indicate the pictures of naked men had definitely caused the young woman’s heart rate to climb by nearly ten beats per minute, but it was when images of young men with large erections came onto the screen that there was a change in her breathing as it became more shallow and intermittent!!! For the next five minutes or so, Anne was shown a variety of men in all shapes and sizes, but with one identical feature, that being that they all were in a state of total erection!!! While is was evident that the images of erections was having an arousing effect on her, it wasn’t until the next series of photos that Anne Dvorak moved to the next stage excitement!!!

While all of the images up until now had only contained pictures of men, the ones following were much more graphic in nature, as Anne Dvorak soon found out!!! She made an audible gasp as the first photo of a young man with a murderous erection appeared, only this time there was an attractive young woman on her knees fellating him!!! “Oh my,” she gasped while image after image showed very attractive woman on their knees sucking these monster erections, “oh, that looks so nice,” she whispered under her breath!!!” While Anne was staring at each image that popped up on the screen, Dr. Horton slid silently to the foot of the recliner where he could get an unobstructed view of her vagina, and what he observed wasn’t surprising at all, as she was dripping with Bartholin’s fluid and her lips were flushed and open, obviously being in a state of extreme sexual arousal!!! Giving Doris a thumbs up, the images of oral sex quickly changed to those same young women instead being on their knees sucking to them being on their backs being impaled by some of the most massive erections she had ever seen!!! As the doctor made notes, Anne Dvorak gasped louder this time and moaned out loud, “Jesus, I’m on fire, j-just look at her, she’s getting the fucking of her life, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….” And just to verify what she was looking at, Dr. Horton made a note of the image that was having such a profound effect on her, that being a young man of twenty or so with a huge thick erection having intercourse with a tiny blonde woman whose vagina looked like it was being torn to shreds by the monster invading it!!!

Normally by now, Anne would have already moved her hand to her clitoris and frigged her self to an orgasm, but with her hands limp at her side the fury in her vagina just seemed to build and build with no relief in sight!!! Again Dr. Horton checked her vagina, and again he noted the distended lips and profusion of juice that was pouring from her puffy labia!!! As he returned to his place by her side, he again signaled Doris who with a flip of a switch changed the still images to change to a brutally obscene porno movie accompanied by sound that showed a young brunette riding a huge penis and swearing like a drunken sailor!!! “Oh my god,” Anne groaned, “she’s fucking riding his stump, oh god she’s gonna cum, just look at her, how lucky can a girl get!!!” The movie ran for ten minutes or so with different scenes and different actors, but with the same general theme, that being young women getting fucked by big cocks with both the men and the women having huge crushing orgasms!!! Anne was now begging for relief, but much to her dismay, the screen went black for several seconds, only to be filled with a video of a young man and woman doing a very good job at some hardcore sixty nine!!!

“Oh, fuck,” Anne Dvorak screamed, “p-please help me, let me cum, I can’t stand it another second, please, help meeeeeeeeeee,” as the image and sound of the two porno stars cumming in each other’s mouths burned into her mind, Anne’s vagina convulsed violently as an involuntary orgasm turned her entire body into one gigantic erogenous zone!!! Covered in sweat and shaking like a leaf in a gale, Anne Dvorak’s pussy twitched in a post orgasmic glow that continued on unabated for a good ten minutes after her thunderous climax!!! Dr. Horton made several final entries on his pad before announcing, “That was a good session, Anne, thank you for your participation!!!” Now barely able to speak she whispered, “All I can say, doc is, wow!!!

Mid Afternoon Break

“Oh, do I need a break,” Constance Walker sighed while pushing away from her desk and stretching her aching muscles, “it’s almost two o’clock, where does the time go!?!” As CEO of a large importing business, the crush of paper work and the constant pressure to keep things moving ahead would sap the strength of even the most experienced business man!!! Constance made a quick note on her note pad before donning her coat and heading out of the office for a two hour break but first, she stopped momentarily at her secretary’s desk and offered, “I’m going to be out of the office for a couple of hours, Jenny, so if they’re are any calls just take a message and I’ll get back to them later this afternoon, and by the way make sure that the Asian invoices are on my desk for tomorrow morning’s meeting!!!”

Down on the street in front of her office building, Constance hailed a cab and gave the driver and address on the near north side, and while it was only a ten minute ride, for once they weren’t caught in Chicago’s brutal afternoon traffic!!! Even though she had visited the majestic brownstone many times, she still had her usual shiver as she climbed the stairs leading to the front door, where upon she rang the chimes and waited for and answer!!! A voice coming from a small intercom on the door jam asked evenly, “Who is it, please!?!” “It’s Constance Walker,” she replied into the tiny speaker, “I have a two thirty appointment!!!” The intercom went dead, but within a matter of seconds the lock buzzer in the door hand went off, which just gave Constance enough time to open the door and step inside!!! Almost immediately a young woman in a tiny French maid’s outfit appeared out of nowhere and escorted her to the front desk!!!

“Ahhhhh, Miss Walker,” the regal looking woman behind the desk fairly gushed, “it’s so nice to have you back with us, it’s been how long, three months since your last, ahem, session!?!” “That sounds about right,” Constance replied, “it’s been so busy back at the office, you know how it is,” as her voice trailed off!!! “But of course,” the woman replied, “but now that you are here, how may we serve you today!?!” Feeling a little embarrassed, Constance looked down at her shoes and in a soft voice replied, “Well, uh, I think I’d like the medical room, you know, and exam with a doctor and nurse!!!” “Mmmmm, a very good choice,” the woman replied softly, “let me check to see if the room is available or not!!!” Nervously Constance shifted her weight from one foot to the other while the woman spoke softly into the telephone!!! “I have good news,” she replied after replacing the receiver, “everything is ready to go, so if you’ll follow Mimi she’ll lead the way, and please, enjoy yourself!!!”

While following the same woman who had met her at the front door, Constance couldn’t help but marvel at all of the detail that was put into every fantasy room in the old brownstone, so when entered the “doctor’s waiting room”, she wasn’t in the least bit disappointed at the degree they went to make it feel like a normal medical waiting room!!! The little French maid then ordered her to sit down and wait, as the nurse would be with her shortly!!! With her nervousness growing by the second, she paged through two year old news magazines while waiting for the nurse to appear!!! Her impatience was becoming palpable, when the door burst open and a pretty blonde nurse appeared and offered, “Please come in, the doctor will be with you in a few minutes!!!”Constance followed the nurse into and examining room replete with a table with stirrups and all of the necessary instruments for a gynecological examination!!! “I’ll be your nurse during the exam,” the woman said a matter of factly, “and my name is Helen Jones, but I like to be addressed as Nurse Jones, now if you’ll please step behind the screen and remove all of your clothing, the doctor will be right with you!!!” After she had removed her all of her clothing, Nurse Jones handed her a paper gown and said, “Put this on and then get up on the table!!!”

After Constance was safely up on the examination table, Nurse Jones said, “Before the doctor checks you over we have to complete this medical form, I’ll ask the questions and you answer them, okay!?!” “Uh sure,” Constance replied while thinking how incredibly realistic everything was!!! “First off,” the nurse asked, “How old are you!?!” “I’m forty eight,” Constance replied quickly, and anticipating her next question threw in, “and I’m five feet seven inches tall and weigh 141 pounds!!!” “Mmmmmm,” the nurse hummed, “those are pretty good numbers for someone your age, do you work out!?!” “I ride a stationary bike thirty minutes each morning before work and I do watch what I eat,” Constance replied with a pride!!! “That’s good,” the nurse replied, “now do you have any problems with urination or bowel movements!?!” “Nope, everything seems just fine,” Constance replied!!! “What about your nipples, any kind of discharge,” the nurse continued on!?!” “No, they’re just fine,” she replied!!!” “I couldn’t help but notice that you have very large breasts, do you perform monthly self exams,” the nurse asked softly!?! “Uh, usually,” Constance replied, “but I must admit that sometimes I do forget!!!”

“Now you know better than to skip your monthly exams,” the nurse admonished her, “so while we’re waiting for the doctor we’ll do a quick check, okay!?!” “Uh, you’re the nurse,” Constance replied softly as they were finally getting down to brass tacks, “sure, go ahead!!!” After putting down her clip board, Nurse Jones casually pulled up the thin paper dressing gown and began gently kneading her full ripe breasts!!! “Hmmmmmm, they seem to be just fine,” the nurse said absentmindedly, “and by the way, what size bra do you wear, it would seem that you need a lot of support!?!” It was plainly evident that Nurse Jones was doing more than a normal breast exam, which naturally caused Constance to shudder slightly when her nipples were being tweaked, but she gamely answered, “I-I wear a size 38D, and I always wear an under wire model!!!” “That’s good,” the nurse replied softly, “we’d certainly hate to see them get saggy do to lack of support, and by the way, the chart requires that we check your nipples for sexual response, is that all right with you!?!” Small beads of sweat had broken out on her forehead, but in a thick voice she asked, “How do you do that!?!” “You mean what method do I use to check your response,” the nurse fired back quickly!?! Without answering, Constance managed to nod her head while using the back of her hand to wipe the moisture from her brow!!! “Oh that’s easy,” Nurse Jones answered almost gaily, “we do it just like this,” as she let her mouth engulf one of Constance’s already hard nipples and greedily sucked on it!!!” It was like and electric shock had run through her, and almost involuntarily she gasped and moaned, “Ohhhh my, that feels wonderful, you don’t know how longs it’s been since they’ve been sucked on, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Constance softly caressed the cheek of the young woman, and was just about to compliment her on her incredible oral technique when the door to the examining room burst open and Dr. Vixon strode in and asked, “So, how’s our patient doing!?!”

Nurse Jones reluctantly released the hard nipple and sighed, “She’s doing just great, doctor, and from what I can tell her sexual response is outstanding!!!” “That’s wonderful,” the doctor said with a broad smile, “so, shall we get on with it!?!” Nurse Jones placed each of Constance’s feet in the stirrups and gently spread her legs wide apart while the doctor slid between them on a rolling stool!!! “My, my, you certainly have a hairy vagina don’t you,” Doctor Vixon intoned while gently probing her opening, “I think for the sake of hygiene it would be a good idea if we shaved you smooth, don’t you!?!” “Anything you say, doctor,” Constance replied weakly, “I-I’ve never had it shaved before!!!” “Well don’t worry about a thing, dear,”‘ he replied heartily, “Miss Jones and I have shaved literally hundreds of vaginas and we haven’t lost one yet!!!” Nurse Jones laughed out loud at the doctor’s little joke, but seconds later she appeared at the doctor’s side with a razor, a pan of hot water, and a bottle of warm oil!!! “Now Connie,” the doctor said smoothly, “Nurse Jones will prepare you with the oil, so just relax while she massage it in, okay!?!” Sweat drops again formed on her forehead as the soft hands of Nurse Jones worked the warm oil into the thick blanket of pubic hair that ran all the way from her navel down to her tight little ass hole causing her to stammer, “W-what ever you say, doctor, ohhhhhhhhhhh that feels so nice!!!” While the nurse continued massaging her now dripping vagina, the doctor took a soft cloth and dabbed the sweat from Constance’s forehead while casually cupping her large breasts with his other hand!!! With her breathing was becoming increasingly labored, the doctor nodded to his nurse who slid out of the way allowing him to retake his position between her legs with razor in hand!!! “Now try and relax, dear,” he intoned softly, “the only way you can get nicked is if you make any sudden movements, understand!?!” “Y-yes,” she gasped as he gave her a quick five second fingering, “I-I understand, oh fuck does that feel good!!!”

“How does that feel,” Doctor Vixon asked softly while shaving away the last vestiges of her pubic fur, “you’re clean as a whistle!?!” “It feels cold,” Constance replied while trying to get used to her new feeling of nakedness!!! “You’ll get used to it,” the doctor replied, “now, lets get on with the rest of the exam, are you ready!?!” “Yes,” she whispered, “anytime you’re ready!!!” A shudder of anticipation ran through her as she waited nervously for the exam to begin, and her feelings of anxiety were well founded when the doctor said softly, “Look in my hand dear, I’m afraid we’re going to have to probe your vagina with this,” while holding up the biggest black dildo she had ever seen in her life!!! “No, please,” she pleaded weakly, “it’ll tear me apart, please don’t hurt me!!!” “Now you know it’s for your own good,” he replied gently while running the head along the length of her dripping crack, “so relax your muscles and don’t struggle!!!” “Oh, god,” she moaned as the gigantic head forced its way inside of her, “i-it’s too big, ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, I’m fucking cummmmmmmming!!!” “Please be careful, doctor,” Nurse Jones said softly, “not too much at one time!!!” “Don’t worry,” he said with a chuckle, “just look at her, she cumming like a cheap whore with a crack habit, she can take it, now please, take care of her breasts, I’m sure they need some more oral attention!!!” The faithful nurse nodded her head in agreement before dropping her mouth onto the huge nipple and greedily sucking in!!! The invading monster that had impaled her was so thick that all Constance could do was lay quietly and let it ravage her defenseless pussy while the doctor slowly inserted it all the way up to its full ten inch length!!! “There now,” he said softly, “all in, how does that feel, dear, are your orgasms good!?!” “Her head was rolling from side to side on her shoulders as orgasm after orgasm careened out of control through her incredibly packed pussy and is was all she could do to gasp, “I-it hurts so gooooooooooood, I’m fucking cumming all over the place, oh god, I’m cumming again and again!!!”

Thirty minutes later back in her office………. “So how was your walk,” asked Jenny, “feel refreshed!?!” With a glow on her face that was absolutely radiant, Constance replied, “Rejuvenated, Jenny, absolutely rejuvenated!!!”